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Churches and ministries hold themselves to a high standard of stewardship and accountability, especially when it concerns "the Lord's money."

In smaller churches, financial management might be the responsibility of the senior pastor or a volunteer congregant who may or may not have an accounting background. Even larger churches with full-time accountants can find the amount of accounting work to be overwhelming.

Working with churches that vary widely in size and budget, D Reed & Associates offers help to get financial tasks accomplished and accounting systems in order. Because we know how churches and ministry organizations work, we ask questions that are very specific to church administration. Our professionals start out by evaluating your needs and existing resources to help you create the best plan of action for serving your organization. As we work with you, we focus directly on your areas of concern and provide solutions to make your work easier.

Accounting systems that are simple but robust are the favorite of churches. Many of our clients find QuickBooks® Online software helpful, and we have staff with over 13 years of QuickBooks experience available to configure your system and teach you how to get the most from it. Our other church accounting services include:
   Accounting and payroll
   Bank account reconciliation
   Monthly financial statement preparation
   Annual financial church report writing
   Policy and procedure study & manual writing
   Software consultation & training

Aside from accounting, cash flow, and reporting issues, obtaining grant money for church missions and outreach activities is another challenge churches face. Although a church by its nature and definition by IRS standards is a non-taxable entity, most corporations, banks and other private entities willing to donate larger sums of money to assist churches will not do so if the church is not an official 501c3 organization listed on the IRS registry. To assist churches with this, D Reed & Associates offers a service to complete the necessary steps, applications, and forms to achieve this status.

No matter which services we provide to your church, we're confident you'll be pleased with the level of church expertise and client service we provide. Let us help take your mind off of business matters so you can focus on the more important mission at hand. Contact us today.


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Promptness begets profit in most industries, and particularly in the businesses of freight transportation and over-the-road trucking. But while loads must be delivered to your customers on time-and shortcuts can help-hastily completing your back-office work can cost you big.

As fuel prices reach record highs, many freight hauling companies feel the pinch on profits. Fleet expansion has stagnated for many trucking companies due to the slowing economy. You may struggle to find the purchasing power to outfit your fleet with high-tech tools such as collision-avoidance systems and in-cab document processing. We want to help.

D Reed & Associates is personally invested in your success. We learn your business and your unique needs, figuring out how to best serve you. A lot of business owners we serve also like us to do their personal taxes as well. This is particularly advantageous for owners whose personal finances are intertwined with their company.

To speak to an accountant who's just the right fit to work with your company, call D Reed & Associates.


Small Corporations

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Small Family Owned Businesses

You've put time, money, and hard work into building your business, whether this is a recently started business venture or something that has been in existence for some time now. And you give all that effort to gain much more than immediate financial rewards. Younger generations stepping in might be your dream. Maybe you're not sure who will carry on what you've built. Either way, your business is likely a large part of who you are.

The personal finances of business owners are dramatically impacted by, if not intertwined with, those of the business. You need creative accounting strategies appropriate for managing the relationship between business and personal finances.

Running a privately-held company is tough. At D Reed & Associates, we advise family businesses to help sustain them and to proactively grow them.

If you need someone that understands the special concerns of family business, Call us today.



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Professional Services Companies

In professional service firms and businesses, your primary focus is on close client relationships and exceptional customer service. We know because we, too, make those values a high priority.

The downside is it's easy to hit an imbalance serving your clients so much that not enough time is spent working on the business.

Let D Reed & Associates throw you a lifeline. We help you keep finances and operations in order so that you can serve your clients without sacrificing your long-term goals. This is achieved not only through big-picture consultation, but through project and task implementation.

Depending on your management preference, choose the level of your involvement-and ours-in the services we perform. Many clients like to stay hands-on and others would rather we take as much of the load off their shoulders as possible through services such as:
   Monthly or quarterly accounting
   Business tax planning
   Personal tax planning and preparation

Contact D Reed & Associates today to ease your mind and recapture your precious time.



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Other Non-for-Profit Businesses

Non-profits inherently feel a squeeze on resources. Most funds tend to be directed toward advancing your external cause rather than to supporting administration. Getting more than core objectives accomplished can be a real struggle-and doing so within budget, nearly impossible.

Non-profit managers and administrators are accountable for the financial activities of the organization to benefactors, boards of directors, and often their community. And grant applications or other funding pursuits must demonstrate your organization's accountability, sound management, and reliable resources.

D Reed & Associates satisfies your assurance needs and financial reporting requirements for boards of directors. We also perform accounting, bookkeeping, and review procedures that help bring to fruition a stable, sustainable operating plan. By having our team scrutinize your accounting processes and records, everyone involved can gain confidence in your financial security.

Charities, trade associations, churches, national sororities, and private schools often rely on volunteer efforts to coordinate programs and events. Many volunteers handle cash regularly, but few organizations have proper controls in place to assure cash and other assets are safeguarded.

Fraud audits can also be performed to detect a known or suspected fraud occurrence-or just reduce the opportunity for it. As much as we hate to mention it, groups with an altruistic mission tend to trust volunteers too readily, and some people actually prey on that.

Maintaining 501(c)(3) tax exempt status is a key concern. Our team prepares your Forms 990 and other reports. We also develop internal control systems, record keeping procedures, statistical benchmarking reports, and help with annual projects such as budget preparation and analysis.

If your needs don't require, or your budget prevents employing a full-time controller or CFO, D Reed & Associates provides interim or part-time financial oversight.

Call the firm that knows how to help you further your organization's cause.

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